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Food & Nutrition

Fresh, Healthy and Delicious

At Keeley's, we strive to deliver healthy balanced meals, homemade and freshly prepared on site by our professional nursery cooks. Our menus are seasonal and culturally diverse as well as including traditional British dishes and childhood favourites with a healthy twist. A vegetarian alternative is provided where necessary and all other independent dietary requirements are strictly adhered to.

All meals are served family style to enable the children to grasp key skills such as setting the table, serving themselves and understanding portion control, table manners, sharing conversation and clearing away afterwards. Children are supported to learn how to use utensils to self serve and are encouraged to cut their own food and pour their own drinks. They are also taught personal hygiene by following hand washing procedures before and after meal times.​


At snack time, children independently decide if they would like to have a snack. They are offered a selection of fruits, vegetables, dips, crackers and breadsticks and they serve themselves using utensils to grasp, scoop or cut their chosen snack item. Water is readily accessible throughout the day and the children are encouraged to help themselves whenever they require it.

We believe in educating children about food through initiatives such as weekly cooking sessions where they learn to measure, weigh, mix and stir, and regular food tasting sessions where they are encouraged to explore new tastes and textures and to decide what foods they like and dislike as well as discussing the importance of healthy eating.

Colorful Food


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