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Growing Up at Keeley's

Topsy's Room


The Topsy classroom caters for our youngest children aged three months to two years and holds a maximum of 13 children per session, between five staff members.

Topsy's room is equipped with age related recourses to aid growth and development through heuristic play. Daily messy play activities are set out using materials such as sand, water, play-dough, cornflour gloop and hay to encourage our younger children to explore using all their senses and experience a variety of textures. Meanwhile our electrical and musical toys develop sound recognition and inspire early interest in technology.


We have also designed a black and white cosy area for the youngest children in the room. These high-contrast colours captivate and hold babies’ attention, encouraging visual development as well as physical activity – like wiggling, kicking, and arm waving.

Steggie's Room

The Steggie classroom is for children aged two to three, and can hold 18 children at a time, cared for by five staff members.

Steggie’s children are supported as they begin their journey into independence. Children will start learning the vital skills of toilet training, independent feeding and self serving meals using age appropriate utensils.


The children in this room also begin to take more ownership over what they learn, with their unique interests incorporated into daily planning. The classroom hosts a range of fun and engaging activities, ranging from weekly cooking activities, where children can make items for their tea, to arts and crafts where they explore their creativity. Staff encourage the use of tools to develop their motor skills.


While a member of Steggie’s room, we will complete a progress check on all children in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance. This information will be shared with parents and will enable us all to help children learn and develop in the best possible way

Rex's Room


The Rex classroom is for children aged three to five years. The classroom can hold up to 18 children, with three members of staff.


Rex's classroom is where pre-school learning takes place. Problem solving resources are made available to challenge children, and Maths is incorporated into activities daily to promote school readiness. Children learn about colours, patterns, symmetry and shapes. We also introduce them to role play, as well as creating and sharing stories in our designated imaginative areas such as Rex’s surgery!


Developing independence is the key as we begin to encourage the children to put on their own coats, pour their own drinks, and cut their own fruit. Toilet training is also eased by accessible toilets within the room. As the final classroom before the big leap to school, our staff work hard to develop the children’s confidence and independence, and strive to ensure all children are well prepared for a smooth transition.

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