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1 Week, 60 Meals, Local Partnerships & Some Real Food For Thought...

It has been our honour to partner with Big Local Broad Green this week on our journey to become involved with the incredible All of Us Together campaigning from Marcus Rashford. Seeing organisations across the nation come forward to support #schoolmeals and #endchildfoodpoverty was awe inspiring, and we felt a great need to try and help and contribute in some way.

Big Local Broad Green are a fantastic organisation situated across the road from our Children’s Nursery in Croydon, they provide endless support across Croydon and support local food banks all year round. We were very moved and grateful to team up with such a fantastic organisation. Since the beginning of half-term, we’d been independently preparing additional meals to our usual Nursery requirements, in a bid to support any families needing meals for the children throughout the half-term period. Big Local Broad Green very kindly made contact and offered to support the cause and provide us with meals that we could then distribute to any parents and carers who’d contacted us in response to our messages to parents and carers on facebook and Twitter.

.With our facebook following being quite a small community, created for parents whose children attend our nurseries, and a twitter account we’d never previously used, we went into this with the mindset that if we could provide even one child with enough meals to have warm lunches for a week across half-term, it would be worth it.

In all, we have provided around 60 children’s meals to parents and carers in Horsham and Croydon. A drop in the ocean for what is evidently such a widescale issue across England. However, it has been a very humbling experience and also overwhelming seeing the vast sea of businesses come forward to offer help and to be part of this. To get an insight of momentum, just look here

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Marcus Rashford and his team for sharing one of our Twitter posts on the eve of Half-Term. With over 2k likes on a single post, it gave us an insight into the change that can be made when we all come together, and when people in the public eye and local people work together for a shared goal.

We are exploring ways of how we can continue to work with our communities in the future. We realise this is just the beginning and there is always more that we can all do, no matter how big or small.


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